Business Development as a Service

Given the immense amount of new development and construction opportunities generated on a regular basis, Business Development as a Service (BDaaS) by InfraExchange is designed to free up organizational resources by serving as your outsourced research partner; able to identify, assess and report ongoing industry development opportunities as they come to market, rather than hiring in-house staff for those functions. Our BDaaS system delivers lead generation services that support new project and sales identification efforts by business owners, marketing, business development and sales people.

InfraExchange’s BDaaS system places new business opportunities in your hands, through daily access to new projects and sales leads across the infrastructure and construction industries.  Our focus areas are Energy & Utility, Telecommunications & Towers and Industrial, Commercial & Residential development.

In addition to infrastructure, we cover new projects where people live, work and play in the commercial and residential markets. See upcoming projects ranging from mixed use retail, office buildings and towers, to residential housing, apartment and condominium development.

Our BDaaS system is a fully automated platform that directs new opportunities to you without any effort on your part. We identify the hot spots with new project notices that tell you who is planning on building what, where and when. Reports include contact information, summary descriptions, project specifications and forecast dates.  Get all of the information you need before the competition does.

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