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20 Most Recent Active Opportunities

Project Type Company Name Project Name Project City Project State Project Start
Aeronautical City of Phoenix Aviation Dept Phoenix Arizona 2017
Light Pole Florida Power & Light WR6141429 ; LOC 1; CONCRETE POLE Sarasota Florida 2017
Oil & Gas Southern California Gas Company Ensign 338 Goleta California 2017
Transmission Line Pacific Gas & Electric 019/010 Madera California 2017
Utility Pole Pacific Gas & Electric 31267424 Loc1 17-S-0760.2.036 Los Banos California 2017
Utility Pole National Grid Everett Massachusetts 2018
Transmission Line Pepco Holdings 89 Somers Point New Jersey 2017
Oil & Gas Driftwood LNG LLC Plant 5 Carlyss Louisiana 2017
Light Pole Kansas Department of Transportation Site 30 EB Camera Pole K070EBC-309.89A Junction City Kansas 2018
Water Supply or Treatment Kansas City Water Services 3 MG Elevated Water Tank - Shoal Creek Pump Kansas City Missouri 2018
Transmission Line Oncor Electric Delivery 42740 Dallas Texas 2017
Utility Pole Wisconsin Technology Networking LLC CH90XSWS0C/9WIB001347 Kenosha Wisconsin 2017
Light Pole Florida Power & Light WR745447; LOC 607.51; INST WOOD POLE Okeechobee Florida 2017
Utility Pole National Grid P14 Millard Rd Egremont Massachusetts 2017
Transmission Line Southern California Edison - MH 17-S-0701.029 1275174E Tulare California 2017
Wind Power One Energy Enterprises LLC C1-WTG Findlay Ohio 2017
Tower Verizon Wireless GN2 Bluffton West - C Bluffton Indiana 2017
Tower Verizon Wireless MN05 LAKE HASSEL - B - 2514911 Benson Minnesota 2017
Tower Verizon Wireless MINGO - C Belvidere Tennessee 2017
Oil & Gas Driftwood LNG LLC Plant 4 Carlyss Louisiana 2017

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